Extralube ZX1 Micro Grease Metal Treatment 400g

Extralube ZX1 Micro Grease Metal Treatment 400g

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Micro µ ZX1 Supergrease

  • Provides extreme pressure lubricity.
  • Virtually eliminates friction and wear.
  • Lubricates and protects beyond the melt point of conventional greases.
  • Prevents salt water ingress.
  • Resists harsh chemicals and acids.
  • Reduces downtime and service costs.

Used in harsh environment, High speed, High pressure applications. Oilfield, Marine, Industrial, Agricultural, Aeronautical and Automotive.


ZX1 Supergrease has a sheer strength to cater for peak loads well beyond the scope of other greases. Used in tarmac laying machines operating at high temperatures increased bearing life from 4 to 14 months has been reported, and on various offshore drilling installations it increases swivel packing life threefold.