Our flagship product is EXTRALUBE ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment.  We developed this product because of a demand for a lubricant to provide long term protection in extreme conditions.

ZX1 is the name given to our small but highly effective range of lubricants that all have a prescribed amount of our flag ship product Extralube ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment blended with them.

Extralube ZX1 is a clear fluid that at normal operating temperature cleans and treats equipment by impregnating and thermally bonding to the wearing surfaces without compromising any design tolerances.

TEAM ZX1 LTD have been manufacturing these products since 1992.

With a vast array of different engine treatments on the market, it's difficult to know what is worth using, and what's not. Many people have heard the horror stories about sub-standard engine treatments ruining engines by clogging oil galleries or oil filters, or causing the bores to glaze, or any number of other problems. Some of these stories are true. None of them are about Extralube ZX1.


What makes our product so Good?

Extralube ZX1 is different to the other engine treatments available. Extralube ZX1 contains absolutely no teflon or PTFE (a common cause of the problems referred to above). Extralube ZX1 works not by altering the properties of the oil (or other lubricant), but by chemically bonding to the metal surfaces and modifying the friction properties of the metal. This modification allows the oil to do it's job even better, and results in drastically reduced friction and wear.

Extralube ZX1 is so good that those who use it either tell everyone they know, or keep it to themselves (in the constant quest for a competitive advantage).

A brief summary of the benefits of Extralube ZX1 is as follows:

  • Completely universal with all oils, including synthetics
  • Virtually eliminates friction
  • Impregnates all wearing surfaces
  • Excellent cold start protection and anti-wear performance
  • Superb high temperature and turbo protection
  • Protects immediately
  • Lower wear rates than the best synthetic oils
  • Consistently improves fuel economy
  • Reduced exhaust emissions
  • Protects for up to 40,000 kilometers
  • Compatible with Catalytic Converters



    Tribology is the science and technology of controlling friction and wear.

    The subject originated from the art of lubrication but has since developed to a much broader range of applications.

    Most mechanical equipment is subject to damage by wear or else, wastes energy by frictional dissipation. 

    Classic illustrations of this rule are found in the domestic motor vehicle. 

    Almost half of the mechanical power generated by the engine is wasted in friction between pistons and cylinders and within the gearbox and transmission gears.

    The sole purpose of the complicated system of engine cooling, i.e. a radiator, pump and channels within the engine block, is to provide sufficiently low temperatures for the lubricating oil.

    Read on for a more detailed analysis of how Extralube ZX1 works, and the benefits it can bring to you.

    Overcoming the limits of todays oils

    Oils refined from crudes are not particularly good lubricants. Over the years, additives and complete synthetics have been developed to improve lubricity, film strength, stability, anti-corrosion and cleaner operation.

    Even so, it has been demonstrated that friction co-efficients can be further enhanced by introducing surface modifiers into oils. These are traditionally polymer or metallic compounds with perceptible thickness.

    Extralube ZX1 is a more elegant solution to the problems of friction wear. It is FREE ENTIRELY of congealing agents which can affect flow rates, design tolerances and the working of small active components.

    The re-engineered hydrocarbon molecules in Extralube ZX1 actually synergise with ferrous and non ferrous metals on contact, forming a complex long-chain molecular bond which is extremely slippery and tenacious.

    Extralube ZX1 acts as an intermediate, microscopic rubbing surface which continues to function after the oil film has broken down. It is measurably effective at extreme pressures and temperatures.

    Extralube ZX1 has been formulated to avoid harmful side-effects, not only uncontrolled surface buildup but contains no solids or sediments and is compatible with metals, non-metals and all known lubricants, including synthetics when applied as directed.

    The Proof is in the Testing

    The simple but effective Portable Lubricity Tester is designed to put lubricants of all kinds through their paces. A high-torque motor turns a shaft. The long lever allows a torque to be applied to the bearing, bringing into contact with the spinning shaft. A gauge indicates the force applied to the lever. The lubricant is added to the small sump of the unit, and allowed to do it's job on the bearing.

    The benefits of Extralube ZX1 are easily and effectively demonstrated through the use of the Portable Lubricity Tester.

    Without ZX1


    Bearing damage extensive
    Loading + / - 40 ft lbs.

    With ZX1


    Bearing damage negligible.
    Loading >150 ft lbs.


    Amazingly, with the benefit of ZX1, over TRIPLE the force was applied to the lever, and the damage to the bearing does not even compare to the untreated bearing.

    Use in Engineering - the benefits:

    • Increases tool life up to 8 times.
    • Increases tool productivity.
    • Improves accuracy and quality of finish.
    • Reduces motor stress, point pressures and energy consumption.
    • Minimises contact expansions by reducing heat.
    • Prevents work hardening.
    • Protects metals against corrosion and scuffing.
    • Disperses damp.
    • Reduces rejection rates.
    • Releases jammed mechanisms.
    • Pretreats components prior to assembly.
    • Imparts efficient metal penetration, lubricity, cleansing and protection.

    Extralube ZX1 in its developed form remains an effective multi-purpose impregnating oil of light viscosity and outstanding lubricity in wet or dry state.



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