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Performance driven PROTECTIon,

PROLONGing THE LIFE OF your engine.

"There's a lot riding on your engine!"

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There is an array of engine treatments on the market and as many horror stories about sub-standard engine treatments ruining engines by clogging oil galleries and oil filters or causing the bores to glaze! Not so with Extralube ZX1. This is not another oil additive on the market! Extralube ZX1 works by chemically bonding to the metal surfaces of your engine, without altering the properties of the oil, preserving your motor for up to 40,000kms with one treatment!


What, why, how

It is often confused with "Oil Additives for engines", when, in fact EXTRALUBE ZX1 Micro Oilis a Metal Treatment therefore different to other engine treatments available on the market today.

new technology!

ZX1 increases engine performance, immediate protection for 40,000kms, reduces exhaust emissions, eliminates friction, protects all working metal surfaces and decreases fuel consumption!.


I highly recommend the addition of ZX1 to any engine you have especially if you have invested in a new one! The long-term savings in maintenance and replacement will pay back the investment! - John Wood


Our company is driven by the promise to give our customers control over their engine’s health and performance. taking care of your engine is our commitment and passion.

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