Benefits of extralube zx1


here is why you need extralue zx1...

Finally a breakthrough in engine treatment technology. ZX1 increases engine performance, immediate protection for 40,000kms, reduces exhaust emissions, eliminates friction, protects all working metal surfaces and decreases fuel consumption!

Extralube ZX1 is different to the other engine treatments available because it contains absolutely no teflon or PTFE (a common cause of blocked filters and airways).

Extralube ZX1 is ENTIRELY FREE of congealing agents which can affect flow rates, design tolerances and the working of small active components.

Extralube ZX1 does not alter the properties of the oil (or other lubricant), but chemically bonds to the metal surfaces and modifies the friction properties of the metal. This modification allows the oil to do it's job even better resulting in drastically reduced friction and wear.

The re-engineered hydrocarbon molecules in EXTRALUBE ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment actually synergise with ferrous and non ferrous metals on contact, forming a complex long-chain molecular bond which is extremely slippery and tenacious.

Extralube ZX1 acts as an intermediate, microscopic rubbing surface which continues to function after the oil film has broken down. It is measurably effective at extreme pressures and temperatures.

Extralube ZX1 has been formulated to avoid harmful side-effects, not only uncontrolled surface buildup but contains no solids or sediments and is compatible with metals, non-metals and all known lubricants, including synthetics when applied as directed.

The benefits of Extralube ZX1:
    •    Works with all oils, including synthetics
    •    Virtually eliminates friction.
    •    Impregnates all wearing surfaces.
    •    Excellent cold start protection and anti-wear performance.
    •    Superb high temperature and turbo protection.
    •    Protects immediately for up to 40,000 kilometres.  
    •    Consistently improves fuel economy.
    •    Reduced exhaust emissions.  
    •    Increases productivity.
    •    Reduces motor stress, point pressures and energy consumption.
    •    Minimises contact expansions by reducing heat. 
    •    Protects metals against corrosion and scuffing.
    •    Disperses damp.
    •    Reduces rejection rates.
    •    Releases jammed mechanisms.
    •    Pretreats components prior to assembly.
    •    Imparts efficient metal penetration, lubricity, cleansing and protection.

Extralube ZX1 in its developed form remains an effective multi-purpose impregnating oil of light viscosity and outstanding lubricity in wet or dry state.

There is an array of engine treatments on the market and as many horror stories about sub-standard engine treatments ruining engines by clogging oil galleries and oil filters or causing the bores to glaze! Not so with Extralube ZX1. This is not another oil additive on the market!

Extralube ZX1 works by chemically bonding to the metal surfaces in your engine, without altering the properties of your oil, preserving your motor for up to 40,000kms with one treatment!