Extralube ZX1

Extralube ZX1 Usage Directions

Extralube ZX1 Micro Oil Treatment

The concentrate is added in a 5% ratio to existing engine, hydraulic, gear or machine oil (e.g. 50ml per 1 litre. For a more detailed breakdown of the ratios, please see the table below).

Its strong intermolecular reaction with metals rapidly causes carbons, dirt and other contaminants to separate from surfaces. An initial measure can therefore be applied about halfway between oil changes so that debris is removed from the system when oil and filter are subsequently replaced.

For best results, warm the engine or machinery to operating temperature, then add the appropriate amount. Run the engine/machine again for at least 5 minutes to allow circulation of the treatment throughout the engine/machine. Then shut down and allow to cool. The ZX1 Extralube should have fully bonded, and the treatment will now be in full effect.

Use as a Machining Fluid

According to the severity of the operation, Extralube ZX1 can be applied neat or in dilutions down to 10% in soluble cutting oils and water, and between 5% and 20% in emulsions, paste and compounds for drawing and pressing metals. Spray or paint on to metals for releasing, drying out and protection.

It can be thermally bonded onto tools and load bearing surfaces by heat pretreatment at temperatures in the region of 60°C.

Use C60 Spray Lube

To disperse damp, release seized mechanisms, protect stored metals, and as a general impregnating lubricant, it has been designed to be used in any environment from around the home to hostile offshore situations in extreme ranges of temperature. Universal liquid engineering.

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