Who is using Extralube ZX1?


Extralube ZX1 is the kind of product that can give a motorsports competitor an advantage over the opposition. As such, it can tend to be the kind of product that is kept a closely guarded secret by teams in order to maintain their advantage.

For instance Extralube ZX1 has been supplied to V8 Supercar team members, but it's not likely you'll see a ZX1 sticker on any of the cars because once the teams have used it they would not want their competitors to enjoy the same benefits. Extralube ZX1 has been and is currently used in Formula One, but which cars or teams we cannot say.

Extralube ZX1 has been used in the championship winning car in British Formula 3 every year since 1995. It was used successfully in Australian Formula 3 for the first time in 2006.

Extralube ZX1 was used by Sam Dale in his Mumbo Racing Formula 4000, on the way to 3rd in the Championship in 2006. To read Sam's testimonial letter, see below.

Competitors in other motor racing categories in Australia also benefit from the use of Extralube ZX1, and the cars using it can generally be found at the front of the field.

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Heavy Industry and Drilling

ZX1 Products are in regular use in the offshore drilling industry, as the benefits in using the products in reducing wear and downtime has been considerable.

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One of the biggest growth areas of ZX1 is the marine industry. In fact it is so respected in this industry that ZX1 supplied lubricants to all the competitors in the BT Global Challenge, probably one of the hardest Yacht Races in the world.

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Road Vehicles

ZX1 products are not limited just to the high tech machinery of racing cars, or the intricate technologies of Oil Rigs, they can benefit you and your own car just as effectively as they benefited Johnny Kane towards the British F3 title in 1997 with Paul Stewart Racing.

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Martin Donnelly - Martin Donnelly Racing (ex Lotus F1 driver)

"Everytime we used ZX1 Engine Oil in the European Races and Tests we saw a significant improvement in engine performance.... Also ZX1 Synthetic Supergrease gave excellent service in our wheel bearings and c/v joints, allowing free movement with no drag and very little component wear."

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Performance Driven Protection.

Used in race cars, heavy machinery, offshore drilling, road cars and more.

If you operate a machine that suffers friction, ZX1 can help you do it more economically.

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