Extralube ZX1


ZX1 Products are in regular use in the offshore drilling industry, as the benefits in using the products in reducing wear and downtime has been considerable.


One of the biggest growth areas of ZX1 is the marine industry. In fact it is so respected in this industry that ZX1 supplied lubricants to all the competitors in the BT Global Challenge, probably one of the hardest Yacht Races in the world.


ZX1 products are not limited just to the high tech machinery of racing cars, or the intricate technologies of Oil Rigs, they can benefit you and your own car just as effectively as they benefited Johnny Kane towards the British F3 title in 1997 with Paul Stewart Racing.


Extralube ZX1 is the kind of product that can give a motorsports competitor an advantage over the opposition. As such, it can tend to be the kind of product that is kept a closely guarded secret by teams in order to maintain their advantage.

For instance Extralube ZX1 has been supplied to V8 Supercar team members, but it's not likely you'll see a ZX1 sticker on any of the cars because once the teams have used it they would not want their competitors to enjoy the same benefits. Extralube ZX1 has been and is currently used in Formula One, but which cars or teams we cannot say.

Extralube ZX1 has been used in the championship winning car in British Formula 3 every year since 1995. It was used successfully in Australian Formula 3 for the first time in 2006.

Extralube ZX1 was used by Sam Dale in his Mumbo Racing Formula 4000, on the way to 3rd in the Championship in 2006. To read Sam's testimonial letter, see below.

Competitors in other motor racing categories in Australia also benefit from the use of Extralube ZX1, and the cars using it can generally be found at the front of the field.

Wakefield TPT

7 September 2011 08:10 

Woodies Home and Garden Services

14 October 2010 08:10 | 

ZX1 Testimonial

I have been using friction modifiers in my cars since the 1980’s when I discovered some of the Teflon based products. I later had access to the lead/zinc based products (quite good in the grease range) and at one time I used a ceramic based product which is now off the market.

I was introduced to ZX1 a couple of years ago and since I had lost contact with my previous supplier of auto products I was quite keen to try it on my classic Falcon.

I run a 302w, C4 combination on LPG. The engine was rebuilt 10 years ago. I have had many issues with high running temperatures and have tried a couple of friction modifiers in the hope of dropping heat levels in the engine.

The second issue is a noisy hydraulic lifter- the lifters are often rattly at low revs in the V8 so anything that reduces possible wear will mean I delay replacement!

Well it is now 12 months since I did the first treatment with the ZX1, I treated the whole range of components – radiator thru to brakes.

The biggest improvement I have noticed is that the engine is generally alot quieter at running temperature and cruising speeds. The running temperature is a lot more consistent – there is less variation in engine tempt and it has less peaking when in stop-start traffic. The differential has improved in it’s noise levels and I can only put this down to the action of the ZX1.

The other major improvement has been fuel consumption – enough improvement to notice it!

I also run a landscaping business and have now treated all my engines. Lawnmower, edger, whipper snipper, chainsaw (electric and 2-stroke). After running in my new mower I treated it with ZX1 and left it running for 15minutes – I actually had to cut back the engine because the rev gain as the ZX bedded in was very noticeable!

The engine is a lot smoother now and I hope to get a longer life out of this mower!

I highly recommend the addition of ZX1 to any engine you have especially if you have invested in a new one! The long-term savings in maintenance and replacement will pay back the investment!

John Wood

Woodies Home and Garden Services


Shelby Cobra 62

30 March 2010 11:12 | Motorsport | 

----- Original Message -----
From: Ron …….
To: ZX1 ; ZX1 Aust
Sent: Saturday, March 27, 2010 5:08 AM
Subject: Shelby Cobra 62 oil

Hello John,

It has been a few months since I started using your ZX1 oil product in my Shelby Cobra 62 and I wanted to provide feedback. As you know, I enter the Cobra in a number of "spirited demonstrations" around our State where It has beaten all classes over the 4 litre capacity. Since using ZX1 we have seen a demonstrated lift in power output and more noticeable, the engine has always leaked a small amount of oil, even with the previous lumpy engine, which has now stopped and I have not had to add any oil since using your product.

ZX1 has exceeded my expectations and I will now use it in all my vehicles and recommend to my car enthusiasts friends.

Thanks and all the best
Ron …..
WA Cobra Car Club

P.O. BOX 702
PH/FAX: 03 5024 3346
MOBILE: 041 952 1140.
Lanmar Agricultural is based in Mildura Vic and services the surrounding agricultural area. Primarily in the area of equipment contracting. We also operate 100 acres of Almond orchards of our own. We have a fleet of 7 tractors ranging from 20hp to 100hp to perform the various tasks required.
Whilst machinery is being used it is of utmost importance that we restrict our down time due to mechanical failure to a minimum. Wear and tear is a constant battle.
Whilst helping my son in his car racing I came across the ZX1 product. We decided to use it in the race car to evaluate whether it could deliver on its claims.
ZX1 increased the cars horsepower and improved our engine life to almost double the time between rebuilds. That car then went on to win 3 National titles and 1 state title.
After experiencing a season on the farms with excessive down time I decided to experiment with ZX1 in my tractor engines, gearboxes and differentials. The improvement in the tractor noise levels was evident immediately. We have since started to use ZX1 grease on our high load bearings and universal joints. Our engine services have been stretched out to twice the distance as recommended by the manufacturer without any detrimental effects. In fact our breakdowns due to wear and tear are almost non existent.
Although ZX1 might appear to be expensive at first we have found it pays for itself very quickly.
I now use ZX1 in all farm machinery, cars and even my motorbikes.
I have no hidden agendas with ZX1 and am happy to pay for all the products I use.

Keith Sharman

Jesus Racing Protected

28 June 2009 10:47 | Motorsport | 

Jesus Ute protected by ZX1

In the extreme heat of Darwin many of the teams struggled with engine wear however the Jesus Racing Team was still able to use the lighter oil provided by Mobil 1 thanks to the protective elements provided by the ZX1 product.

Team engineer Luke Sieders said “the category engine builder was not sure the lighter weight oil provided by Mobil 1 would be suitable for the 5.4 ltr V8 motor however we sent samples of the oil through after the Tassie round and he was pleasantly surprised by the condition of the oil.

Craig Haidstead the boss of the control engine provider of the Yokohama V8 ute series was further concerned about using the lighter weight oil up in the heat of Darwin however over the weekend the team took several samples of the oil and the wear was pleasing indeed.

Sieders explains “ the ZX1 product provides a protective coating over the components of the engine, this helps reduce the friction within the motor and assists in horsepower performance, the ZX1 product is no doubt working well alongside the Mobil 1 product, it actually appears to be allowing us to run a lighter oil than expected which great for the team as this results in additional horsepower.

Team owner Andrew “Fishtail” Fisher said “ we are delighted with the results we have received thus far from using the ZX 1 product there is no doubt that is has contributed to the success of the team so far this season, when you are running at the pointy end of the field every little bit counts.

We have run in extreme cold of Tassie and the extreme heat of Darwin and the wear and tear on the engine, gearbox and differential has been basically non-existent thanks to the ZX1 protective agents.

Thanks to the exceptional product supplied by Mobil 1 and the protective agents utilised in ZX1 we have been able to gain additional horsepower and reduce wear and tear. It has been a win/win for the team”.

Andrew “fishtail” Fisher

Honda VTR 1000 Matthew Harvie

27 April 2009 08:17 | Motorsport | 

Dear John,

VTR 1000F
125,000 kms

Having tried a variety of oil and fuel additives from many different
manufacturers, I will admit to being a bit unsure as to whether ZX1 would do
everything that was suggested it would. Other products seem to be doing well if
they manage half of the claimed benefits.
It is now over a month since I treated my motorbike and I have no hesitation in
saying that it has done everything you claimed it would, and performed much
better than I had initially anticipated.

• It starts first crank, cold, and no choke every time – even when the
temperature is around 15 degrees.
• There has been a noticeable reduction in engine rattle, which is a big
deal in a large V Twin.
• Performance has improved as well, not just in outright power, but also in
smoothness of delivery.
• Fuel economy has seen an improvement of close to 9%.
• Chain stays shiny (lubricated) longer and rattles less.
• Gearshifts have improved slightly and there seems to be less dropping
out of second.

All of this on a 1000cc bike with over 125,000 kilometers on it!!!
It is quite likely that these improvements will mean that the cost of the additive
will be won back in much less than 12 months, on the basis of fuel savings and
extended chain life.
This is a product I am more than happy to recommend and will be using in my
other vehicles as is necessary.


Matthew Harvie
Advertising Manager
Media Incorp

Greg Woodrow Mygale Formula Ford Australia

15 February 2009 10:24 | Motorsport | 

“We have seen a distinct performance advantage with the introduction of ZX1 to our
selected Mygale Formula Ford race teams. Our Dyno figures have improved and we
even use ZX1 in our race car transporters’’

Paul Sharman: Formula Vee National Champion 2008

14 November 2008 11:57 | Motorsport | 

Sam Dale - Mumbo Racing

01 July 2006 03:45 | Motorsport |


ZX1 Saves EL Ford Engine

15 September 2012 05:21 | 

From: PeterB [mailto:] Sent: Thursday, 13 September 2012 2:57 PM To: ZX1 Aust Subject: ZX1 oil

Hi! John, Just a note to let you know that my EL Ford’s radiator light started coming on when I was driving from Moree NSW to the Gold Coast last Thursday. I thought to myself it's okay just needs a slight top-up with red coolant. Over the weekend I checked the water level and found it was very low and there was a seepage in the top radiator hose.

I had no tools and could not get the top radiator hose clamp off because it had a funny sort of nut on it. I decided to go on to Brisbane buy some cheap tools from Super Cheap Auto’s and to fix it. I was on the freeway in the third lane at peak hour traffic when the light started coming on again. The temperature gauge started to play up. Later on I noticed steam coming out from under the bonnet. I raced across three lanes of traffic and pushed myself into an offshoot on the highway while people were blowing their horn at me. Meanwhile steam was still coming out of the car. I pulled over, opened the bonnet and noticed that I had forgot to put the radiator cap back on the water canister that feeds the radiator.

There was no water in the canister and only steam coming out of the car. I put 5 L of water in the car as that's all the spare water I had, closed the bonnet and drove to the nearest garage a couple of miles down the road. I then put heaps more water in it to fill it up. I don't know why the car didn't cook. The only feasible reason I could come up with was the 350 mls of ZX1 oil that I put in it a couple of weeks earlier. When I first put the oil in I noticed a slight drop in the running temperature of the car.

Anyone that knows about six cylinder Fords is that my car should have cooked and warped the head causing the car to stop. I don't know what would have happened driving in three lanes of traffic. I do know one thing that stuff is going in my wife's Lancer as soon as I get back home. I’m not a sceptic anymore John. I am doing up a 1976 CX Citroen and will be using ZX1 grease and oil in all the components now that I know how good it is.

Thanking You Peter Buckland Moree NSW 2400

Kelly's Farm Western Australia

27 February 2011 08:18 | 


Hi John,
We put ZX1 in every engine on our farm. ZX1 is reducing oil changes. Harvesters and small engines are running cooler;. A Briggs motor on our boomspray was running very poorly and after adding ZX1 it now performs more efficiently. We expect to get increased engine life because of better lubrication for cold starts. ZX1 grease has prolonged bearing life in machinery. We also use ZX1 grease on our disc seeder bearings.
Nicholas and Malcolm Kelly
Hollands Track Farm

Chay Blyth: The Challenge Business - BT Global Challenge Yacht Race

22 March 2006 01:58 | Marine | 

"Having introduced the Challenge Skippers and Crew to the ZX1 range of lubricants they now ask for the product by name from us as their preferred product. I firmly believe that the use of the product has significantly added to the smooth running of the yachts..."

Dr S. G. J. : Herts, used ZX1 in his BMW and 2 Harley Davidson Motorcycles

11 July 2005 04:01 | Road | 

"Having used your ZX1 products now since early this year I felt I had to write to congratulate you on the performance of these products which have exceeded my expectations.... Since putting ZX1 Extralube in my BMW 325i the engine performance has noticeably improved with very prompt starting and smoother running. The most noticeable effect has been with petrol consumption, increasing from approximately 240 miles per tank to consistently over 300 miles per tank of urban driving."

Pascal Quintard: Rig Superintendent Sedco - Forex.

13 January 2005 01:51 | Heavy Industry and Drilling | 

"At first many thanks for your ZX1. Which for sure helped us to reduce our non productive rig time"

"At present our wash pipe has a total of 850 hrs. with no show of any leaks,... I will inform you of the results and the packing condition at time of failure. You may have to wait a while..."

Martin Donnelly - Martin Donnelly Racing (ex Lotus F1 driver)

19 August 2004 03:48 | Motorsport | 

"Everytime we used ZX1 Engine Oil in the European Races and Tests we saw a significant improvement in engine performance.... Also ZX1 Synthetic Supergrease gave excellent service in our wheel bearings and c/v joints, allowing free movement with no drag and very little component wear."

Mr A.W. M.Inst.MSM. : Northumberland

17 April 2004 04:02 | Road | 

"... can report that having done about 5,000 miles in the Jaguar and 7,000 miles in the Rover, (both cars are now in their 8th year, being 1990's on 'G' plates) are running beautifully, the engines being noticeably "smoother" especially on cold starts in the current freezing temperatures, and the M.P.G. of the Rover has improved by about 4 mpg from the previous 31 / 32 mpg to around 35 / 36 and this all on local running..."

M.J. Stevens: Director, Arc Ltd.

12 August 2003 03:54 | Heavy Industry and Drilling | 

"Average bearing life has increased... This represents a considerable saving in downtime for these machines and we are now using ZX1 Grease on all other bearings on these and other items of plant."

David J. Minister: Minister Racing Engines Ltd

19 November 2002 02:00 | Motorsport | 

"By using this product we saw a gain of approximately 1.5 B.H.P. This we can assure you is a significant gain in these closely fought formulae."

Chris Dinnage: Team Manager, Classic Team Lotus

25 April 2002 03:56 | Motorsport | 

"We are very pleased with the performance of ZX1 Supergrease and we believe the use of ZX1 Oil Additive has enhanced the power output of our engines.".......

"Obviously we will only use the ZX1 range of Superlubes in these cars as we have done for the last 5 years."

Weber Technik Stuttgart

31 January 1993 02:06 | Motorsport | 

Drivers: Jos Verstappen - F3 Champion and 1st Marlboro Masters. Ralf Schumacher - Winner Macau, 2nd at Monaco, Championship Runner Up

"... Many thanks for your Extralube ZX1, which for sure helped us to win many races. Weber Technik Stuttgart used the Extralube ZX1 range of lubricants for the past three seasons in the German Formula 3 Championship and in all the International Events."

Team: Weber Technik Stuttgart Driver: Michael Schumacher

02 January 1992 02:04 | Motorsport | 

"One of the main reasons for our success was the use of Extralube ZX1"

Alistair Hackett: Logistics & Procurement Manager, The Challenge Business - BT Global Challenge yacht Race

28 April 2006 03:59 | Marine | Permalink

"The ZX1 products performed far above expectation in all conditions. These varied from the hot humid weather of the tropics to the freezing conditions of the Southern Ocean."

Mumbo Racing's Secret Weapon

07 January 2011 05:19 | Permalink


Secret Weapon - ZX1 Extralube Friction Eliminator

Mumbo Racing trialled a new product line at Round One of the 2006 Australian Motor Racing Series - ZX1 Extralube - a high tech friction eliminator. The results of the trial were positive and exciting, and can bring benefits to any road or race car. 

The ZX1 company offers a small range of products, each aimed specifically at eliminating friction. The flagship in the ZX1 line is Extralube ZX1 Micro Oil - this is a metal treatment that the ZX1 brochure touts as offering the following: 
  • more power,
  • improved fuel economy,
  • superb cold start protection,
  • increased component life and reliabiltity, and
  • reduced harmful exhaust emissions.
ZX1 Micro Oil initially appears similar to other products available on the market, as the delivery method is the same - it is added to the oil. Many other products are added to the oil, and work simply by modifying the oil properties in some way - the effects of these products are only felt until the next oil change. The first key difference in ZX1 Micro Oil is here - whilst the product is delivered in a similar way, it does not change the property of the oil in any way - this is simply the most efficient way to get it in contact with the moving parts of the engine. Once the ZX1 Micro Oil has reached the engine's moving parts, it is not until the engine cools and the "low temperature activates the unique thermo-chemical bonding process". The metal is treated by the ZX1 Micro Oil, and it's friction properties are altered. (ZX1 Micro Oil does not contain any teflon/PTFE, and does not present the same problem to filters, screens and clearances as other products containing those ingredients.) 

Now, this all sounds very technical, and the information above came directly from the ZX1 company. What follows however, is what Mumbo Racing observed after using ZX1 Micro Oil. 


ZX1 Micro Oil is added to the oil in a 5% ratio. This was performed on Sam Dale's Reynard 94D Formula 4000, Matthew Fox's 91D Formula 4000, and Neil Byers' Mitsubishi 380 VRX Production Touring Car. The procedure is very simple, the engine is warmed to operating temperature then shut down. The ZX1 Micro Oil is added , and the engine is run to circulate the oil and ZX1 through the system. The engine is then shut down and allowed to cool. Extralube ZX1 should also be added to the vehicle’s differential to reduce the friction and enhance the performance. 


On Sam Dale's Formula 4000, the ZX1 treatment process was carried out between the second and third practice sessions during Friday Practice at Calder Park. The treatment was added to the lubricating system of the Holden Alloytech 3.6L engine, and also to the sequential gearbox. 

Data logging fitted to the Reynard showed the following changes after the treatment - green trace is from session two - before treatment, yellow trace is from session three - after treatment: 

Figure 1 - Engine Temperature and Oil Pressure 

Figure 2 - Top Speed on main straight 

Figure 3 - Entry Speed to main straight 


Figure 1 shows that engine operating temperature has dropped by around three degrees celsius. The green trace (before treatment) shows a maximum temp of 86.5 degrees, while the maximum temp after treatment (yellow trace) shows 84.1 degrees. The ambient temperature had not changed significantly between sessions, and the only change to the car was the addition of ZX1 Micro Oil. We believe the reduced temperature is a result of reduced friction, using ZX1 Micro Oil. 

Probably the most telling result of all from this back to back test is the top speed trace. Figure 2 shows speed from passing the Calder pits to the end of the main straight. The yellow trace, after treatment is 3km/h faster than before treatment (green trace), with a terminal speed of 238.9km/h (versus 236.4km/h pre-treatment). A speed difference like this could be the result of a better entry onto the straight, but Figure 3 shows speed from the final corner to the beginning of Figure 2 (this data is taken from the lap immediately preceding Fig 2). The yellow trace (after treatment) actually shows that if anything, Sam got a slightly slower run out of the final corner, but was able to accelerate significantly faster on the straight. 


Based on the data available, ZX1 Micro Oil yielded an improvement in top speed for Sam Dale's Reynard 94D Formula 4000. Other independent test data provided by ZX1 showed similar results in a range of vehicles - most notably improved fuel economy in road vehicles. 

Mumbo Racing will continue to use this secret weapon - it has proved itself capable of delivering a performance advantage. The team is also eager to use the ZX1 product - Micro µ ZX1 Supergrease in all wheel bearings and constant-velocity joints. 

A big thank you to John Grullis of ZX1 Australia, for allowing us to conduct this trial, and sample his excellent product. 

More Information

If you would like more information on the ZX1 Extralube range of products, you can check out the website:www.ZX1AUST.com or contact the Australian distributor: 

John Grullis 

Email: ZX1AUST@westnet.com.au 

Mobile: 0413 182 077

Truck testimony

24 January 2011 09:27 | Road | Permalink

Hi John

Hope all is well over there as it is here.

I would like to let you know that the truck we have treated with the ZX1 products is in great shape for a truck that has now done 840,590 Klm’s and the truck has done 382,360 of them on ZX1.

Our oil samples on this truck use to be always Monitor trend but have not since we put your grease and oil in this truck. 

I know you told me that it has been tested at less KLMS then this but the front wheel bearings are still running cool and we have not adjusted them at all in that time. 

I am sure you have a good product here John as I have used your samples on all types of things and mate they are brilliant.

I have been in this game all my life, my grand father had trucks and my father had trucks and I was in business for over 20 years for my self as a sub contractor and have never come across a lubricant like this in my 50 years. 

My wife has dog clippers that use to run hot all the time but with ZX1 on the blades she does not have to lube them anymore than once.Keeping the cook happy is more then good. 

Like Greg at Wakefield’s transport at Merbein via Mildura we have had better fuel economy as well.

We have talked to each other now and then about how it has been going.

He seems to be happy with the results as I am so far. 

I know you have to prove to everyone that this lubricant is as good as you say and they are so sceptical but they are wrong mate this is good stuff.


David Robinson
Workshop Manager
Pickering Transport Group
86 Silver City Highway, Buronga
Ph: 61 3 50222644
Mobile: 0418 140 142
Fax 61 3 50221995
email: robbo@ptg.com.au
web: www.ptg.com.au


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